Additional Services

In addition to our Urban Up brick-and-mortar store, our extended team provides estate services to those looking to downsize or have items removed from their property.


Kindred Estate SalEs

Kindred Estate Sales provides a stress-free experience for individuals and families coping with the task of selling or removing belongings as a result of a major life transition. We provide a myriad of services such as organizing and staging, research and pricing, marketing and selling, and cleanup and removal.


Kindred home cleanouts

We offer home cleanouts to clients after hosting an estate sale or in lieu of doing a sale. This can include removing all items on the property or only specific items. If you require everything to be removed, our team will pack up and deliver items to their appropriate locations (donation, storefront, or trash.) Our goal is to custom tailor the removal services based on what works best for you.


Kindred estate services

Kindred Estate Services is our parent company that provides all of your estate needs, including estate liquidation, cleanup and haul away, and purchasing items for Urban Up. We can also match you with reputable realtors and service providers to meet your needs outside of our scope of work.