Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

Time for a Change

It was only four short months ago that I changed the course of my personal history; I ended a decade-plus long career in Corporate America, without a plan of what would come next. I was very lucky to have amazing leadership and supportive teams throughout my business tenure, but there was something missing. Similar stories can be found all over the internet (and I’ve probably read most of them), where people have shared their stories of transition from the rat race to doing something they wanted to wake up in the morning for. Others, that even though they had been incredibly successful working for other people, shareholders, and companies - their souls weren’t being fulfilled. This was my story.

Rewind five years ago to when Matt (co-owner of Urban Up and husband extraordinaire) started an estate sale company in San Diego, California. We found working with families and individuals during their time of transition to be a good fit for our talents. Matt has the patience of a saint, the memory of an elephant and is an expert in antique and vintage items. Me, I was in marketing, so I knew how to get people to our sales and how to build a brand. During this period we dreamt of having a classy yet fun storefront to complement our estate sale business, where we could curate items and create a space to gather. But alas, I was knee-deep in a blossoming career and San Diego wasn’t the most friendly of places for resale retail given the expensive start-up costs.

Events occurred that led us back to Minnesota, where Matt continued to grow his estate sale business and I continued to fall out of love with corporate. In June 2018, after months of migraines and an unmanageable workload, I said good-bye to my career in search of something more meaningful.

A Special Day

Today, on October 17 2018, exactly five years since my father passed away (who came from a family of entrepreneurs) - I am a business owner alongside my favorite human, my husband Matt. This isn’t something I had planned, but had only dreamed of. Now, I’m not saying we’ll be successful at it, but I am saying that we will follow our hearts and the will of the universe to create something unique and uniting. A place where we can chat about the weather, as all Minnesotans do, and enjoy discovering what others have cherished and brought into this world. After all, this is a fun business! You never know what treasures will cross our doorway to find their way into your home.


To end, I wanted to share something my Dad always used to say when he’d buy a lottery ticket with his last two dollars…. “It sure is fun to dream, isn’t it?” - Randy Bahr

It sure is Dad, it sure is.

Lisa Bahr, Co-Owner Urban Up

Time to Reflect

Time to Reflect